hello today your going to learn about 30 Australian foods and facts about them.

30.the witchetty grub. a witchetty grub is known as bush tucker and they say it has a nutty flavor

29. Anzac biscuits. the Anzac biscuit is to celebrate the people who went to WWI

28. macadamia nuts. are native to eastern Australia

27. emu. the emu has been used in every way from there eggs to there meet for pizzas

26.damper. the cheapest easiest bread in the outback its made from flour,salt and a splash of water

25. pea and ham soup. originally from Britten this simple soup has been made for thousands of years

24. weet bix. served with milk or any way you like it you can put allmost anything you want with them\

23. laming ton. Australians national cake it shaped like a square and is very spongy

22. salt and pepper calamari. its made from squid dusted with salt and pepper then deep fried

21. leg of lamb. a leg of lamb is a baby sheep’s leg normally served with rosemary and creamy sauce

20. fish and chips. deep fried fish with deep fried potatoes is the best mix since choc-mint

19. BBQ sausages. cooked on the BBQ until perfect then normally eaten with bread

18. pavlova. eaten on Christmas even though created by the kiwis we still call it an Australian food

17. prawn cutlet. deep fried prawn with no shell it is one of the nicest deep fried foods

16. tim tam. tim tams are a biscuit with chocolate cream in the middle then covered in chocolate

15. pluto pup. pluto pup is a deep fried Frankfurt with coating on it normally sold at carnivals

14. corn dogs. corn dogs are corn deep fried on a stick but it isn’t on the cob

13.sausage rolls. sausage rolls aren’t sausages the mince wrapped up in pastry then cooked

12. sao’s. sao’s are another Australian food that you can put almost put anything on.

11. cherry ripe. cherry and coconuts covered in dark chocolate

10. chicken parmigiana. deep fried chicken with tomato paste,ham and cheese its got an Italian name but its not

9. pigs in a blanket. mash potato with cheese or devon wrapped around it

8. spag bol. originally Italian this is one of the easiest cheapest full meals

7. meat pies. meat pies in Australia are relevant every where funerals,football,weddings and boggy restaraunts

6.fairy bread. buttered bread with 100s of thousands on it

5. tomato sauce. tomato sauce has a lot in common with the pie it is also relevant everywhere

4. sherbies. made by Allen’s these are chewy lollies with sherbet in the middle

3. chiko babies. chocolate flavored jelly babies with nothing else about them really

2. cheese and bacon roll. its got cheese and bacon on a roll

1.BBQ prawns. BBQ prawns are prawns smothered in sauce the grilled on the BBQ



  1. 2290jade2015 · November 3, 2015 at 3:49 am ·

    Wow Nelson, these are a lot of Australian foods. where did you get all of this from and how did you have patience to write it?

  2. 2290monet2015 · November 3, 2015 at 6:34 am ·

    Which food on the list is your favourite Nelson? I like pretty much all of these!

  3. Mr Horadam · November 3, 2015 at 11:25 pm ·

    Well done with this post Nelson. Very interesting.